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There once was a young woman named Lucretia who didn't fit in well with the people of her village. She loved to wander the woods by herself and sing. She also had a tendency to talk to herself and she wasn't good at weaving or cooking or any of the other skills that were valued in a woman, so she was often called an oddity and people would treat her as such. She acted as if this didn't bother her but she could never shake the feeling of being alone and unloved. On one winter's day, Zeus was traveling though the skies when he heard a sweet, haunting sound. It was a woman singing.
"I must find the owner of that voice." He whispered enchanted.
Down into the woods he glided as a cloud of mist. He followed the voice to a tree where Lucretia sat. There he stayed, quietly listening to her sing of love and want. Then she stopped and sighed.
"Mother and father are right I guess. I will never find love. I could try and act like a normal girl but why should I loose myself for love."
Zeus was amused and saddened by this girl. She was a beautiful girl and even if she was different, she would make a loving wife. The more he listened to her sing and talk, the more he fell for her. By the end of the afternoon Zeus was determined to make Lucretia his. She got up to leave and Zeus changed forms. He became a handsome young man and stood behind her.
"Hello." He said. Lucretia yelped in shock and turned around.
"W-who are you a-and how long have you b-been there." She said frightened.
"Do not be alarmed I won't hurt you. I am Zeus and I was traveling near the woods when I heard you singing. You have a lovely voice." he said.
"Oh um thank you, I'm Lucretia." She said shyly.
"I couldn't help but over hear some of your… conversations, and I agree that you shouldn't act a certain way for love." He said smiling. Lucretia blushed but smiled as well.
"It's nice to see someone agrees with me. So you're the king of the gods?" She said with a tone of disbelief.
"Ah I thought you wouldn't believe me. How may I prove myself to you, ask for anything and I can do it for you." he said. Lucretia looked around and finally came up with an idea.
"I never do like this time of year because the woods are so dead and barren. Can you make them beautiful?"
Zeus thought for a moment then waved his hand towards the sky. In moments the sky became grey and the air became cold. Then something small and white came from the clouds and began to cover the woods. Lucretia gasped at how the white flakes sparkled and blanketed the ground and trees gracefully. She bent down on her knees.
"Oh it is beautiful; please forgive me for not believing you." She cried.
"There is nothing to forgive." He said slowly helping her up.
"Look closely at the flakes." He said stopping a few in mid air while Lucretia examined them.
"There is a unique design in each of them." She said mystified.
"Unique just like you." he whispered to her.
"It's getting dark, I need to go home. Let me meet you here tomorrow" Lucretia said.
"I would like that very much." He said.
Reluctantly they parted, Lucretia started back to her home and Zeus back to the sky. Unknown to both of them Hera, Zeus' jealous wife, was watching and was infuriated. She couldn't stand the idea of Zeus meeting with this woman again so she caused confusion to come over her. Lucretia could not find her way home. She walked though out the forest all night until she succumbed to her tiredness and laid down in the still falling white gift from Zeus. There in the cold she died.
The next day Zeus arrived at the tree where they had meet but Lucretia didn't come. He went out searing for, following half covered track that went in circles until he found her on the ground pale and cold and there he wept for her. Now as a gift in her memory the skies will open every now and again and white flakes will fall from the sky, bringing beauty to a barren world.
I wrote this for Latin Club Convention. The idea was to come up with an original myth. I made Zeus a lot nicer of a guy in this myth than he is in other myths. I wanted it to be sweet. I hope you enjoy it.
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